Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Upcoming Outreach Events

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for me during my time of healing from my heart surgery. I am getting stronger and feeling better every day. I have been back on track with a steady ministry schedule, ministering weekly at the Elkhart County Jail and twice a month at the Elkhart Juvenile Detention Center. So, Praise God! It’s good to get back into the swing of things. Thanks again for your prayers

Coming Up:

As we get closer to Christmas we are starting to plan our Christmas Outreaches. I love the Christmas season, the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and this is one of my favorite times to reach out and minister to folk.

Westville Christmas Outreach:

 Saturday December 3rd. I will be teaming up with a group of ministers for a full day event as we reach out to the inmates of Westville Correctional Facility. This is the prison’s annual Cookie Outreach, where many Churches and ministries flood the Westville Facility with hundreds and thousands of cookies- all for the inmates. Besides the cookies, we will be ministering in song, testifying, preaching, offering prayer and sharing the Gospel.

Christmas Box Outreach:
This year will be our eleventh year reaching out to the needy during the Christmas season. On December 12th and 13th we will be blessing twenty needy families in Elkhart. Most will be single moms with kids that live in government assisted housing with very limited incomes. We will be delivering these boxes right into their home which provides a great opportunity for us to share the Gospel one on one, pray and minister with these families.
By the way, we want to thank the Catholic Charity, Knights of Columbus, as they are the ones giving us these forty food boxes (each family will get two boxes) these Christmas Boxes will be loaded with an estimated $85.00 worth of food. They will include a 5lb ham, noodles, canned vegetables, fruit, soup, potatoes, bread, peanut butter, cereal, soup etc. We will be adding to these food boxes as we will bless all the children and teenagers with a Christmas gift. Plus, every box will have a Bible and Gospel tracts in them. Our goal is to share the love of Christ and pray with every family member.

Elkhart Juvenile Detention Christmas Party:
Then on December 20th we will be ministering at Elkhart Juvenile Detention Facility. This will be our third year having a special Christmas service reaching out to the incarcerated youth. We plan on ministering to the students with special music, preaching, teaching and prayer. We will kick it all off with a special meal as we will provide pizza for every student and they will receive a Bible and a devotional as a Christmas present.

Mardi Gras Street Evangelism Mission Trip:
I am very excited about this upcoming event in February of 2017 I will be heading to New Orleans, La with a team of local evangelists to join hundreds of street ministers from around the nation as we conduct a week of street ministry/evangelism during Mardi Gras. We will be leaving Feb 22nd and returning Feb 28th.

I thank you for your prayers! If any of you who would like to contribute financially to assist in any of these outreach events, you can donate two ways:

#1 Through PayPal.
In the upper right hand corner of this page you will see a  “PayPal Donate” button. Just click and you may donate securely on-line.

 #2 Through postal mail.
*Please make checks payable to "180 Outreach Ministries" & send to:

180 Outreach Ministries
23060 Scottswood Ct.
Elkhart, IN 46514
Thanks again everyone. God bless!

Steve Ignowski
180 Outreach Ministries

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Modrell Ave. Block Party (July 23rd) Update

A big shout of thanks to all who prayed and sent support our way for the outreach on Modrell Ave. on July 23rd. Thank you! *Also, a big thank you to the many folk who came out and assisted in the outreach and helped share the love of Jesus. Thank you!

It was awesome having North Central Indiana Teen Challenge with us again! You brothers are incredible! A few of guys were able to share their testimonies which were powerful!

A big shout of praise to the Lord for answering our prayer for “no rain!” Hallelujah! We have had rain during our last four outdoor events, so we were earnestly praying for dry weather and it was! And even though it was very hot and humid, we were blessed. Thank you Lord!

The turnout for the event was incredible. We estimate that 150 to 200 folk came out- families, grandma’s, teen-agers, little kids . Many people just seen the signs or received a flyer and ventured over. The kids loved the bounce house, face painting. Also, the puppets are always a huge hit! Kids and parents alike love them. And these TC brothers do a great job of sharing Jesus with these puppets. Great job.

A big thanks to Penny Goossen and her team from West Side Worship Center. They have a clothing pantry at their church and they brought several tables of clothing to give away to be a blessing to the community. Great job!

Also, thank you to Twila and her husband David Resutko and all the music team of Fresh Fire Shofar for bringing out their sound system and ministering in music. You all were a blessing.

We served 350 hotdog meals and lots of cold water and pink lemonade. Also it was a fun time to give out several gift cards to area restaurants and business.

We had many good one on one encounters as we testified and witnessed the Gospel of Christ. We were blessed to give out over fifty new Bibles along with over a hundred tracts. One man named Gene was touched by the Holy Spirit as he was prayed over for deliverance to his addictions. There was a testimony of relationship that was reconciled as the Lord was moving on hearts. One lady who lived a couple blocks away came and testified how she heard the music and message and was so encouraged. In fact, many of the neighborhood folk were so thankful and commented on what a blessing it was.

Another highlight of the block party is to gather everyone around the sound system as we bring forth the Word of God to the community. Brother Josh Eaton brought a timely Word to community sharing Christ and the Gospel message. Josh and his wife Arlette live right on the adjacent lot where we had the outreach. So he was literally speaking to his neighbors and breaking down the simple truth of Jesus to them. Praise God. Many people were touched and a few came forward for prayer and ministry. It was powerful!

Please check the pictures out below. Thanks for reading, thanks for your prayers.

 -Steve Ignowski
180 Outreach Ministries

**Next Outreach: August 20th in Delong, IN (Shepherds Closet)

Various Pic's:


Monday, July 11, 2016

Next Block Party Outreach July23rd -Modrell Ave.

Hi Friends of 180 Outreach,

On Saturday, July 23rd we will be reaching out to the neighborhoods and community of Modrell Ave. in Elkhart, IN. We will be sharing the love of Jesus with free food, live music, giving clothing away, a bounce house, puppets, free gift card raffles and more. Plus, and most of all- we will be praying for people, handing out Bibles, testifying, and sharing the Gospel.

There are plenty of areas to help serve if you would like to join us. We will be setting up (10 am) at the outreach site, the empty Lot at the corner of Modrell Ave. and Badwin Ct. in Elkhart.

SATURDAY July 23rd
Noon -3 pm (setting up at 10 am)
Empty Lot - Corner of Modrell Ave. and Badwin Ct. in Elkhart, IN

Please contact me with any questions.

God bless!

Steve Ignowski
180 Outreach