Thursday, November 9, 2017

Chris and Melanie Update

Many of you know we are helping Chris and Melanie. These two are an engaged couple who we connected with through the County Jail. Chris came to every 180 Outreach service we had while he was in the county He experienced Jesus in a real way and is absolutely on fire for the Lord- the violence has left, the drugs addiction, the lying is gone, the game playing is gone. It has been absolutely encouraging to see this happen. His fiancé Melanie has had the same situation happen in her life. We are so pumped to be mentoring and helping them in this race/journey. Both of them are involved in going to church with us, attending our Sunday night prayer meeting and they love witnessing Jesus on the streets.

We have had some incredible things happen the last few days as I shared emailer about Chris and Melanie need for transportation and a place to stay. One brother stepped up and donated to them a men’s mountain bicycle for Chris to get to work and he also gave him some winter gloves and hats. What a blessing!

**Another awesome thing happened as a Sister in Christ from Wisconsin  contacted me sharing with me how she felt lead of the Lord to give Chris and Melanie a mini van that she was not needing anymore!... Wow!... A huge shout out of thanks to Jesus for moving on this Sister. Thanks Terri!! She is also donating some furniture, dishes, lamps and other items… Praise God!!

So we appreciate your prayers for us and Chris/Melanie as we take a road trip this Saturday. It’s a six hundred mile round trip and covet your prayers for safety and protection. Thank you!

***ALSO---((a request for help….If anyone)) knows of any houses/apartments to rent in the Elkhart, IN area please contacted me as this is one of the next hurdles we are dealing with right now they are staying in a hotel in Elkhart and the weekly rates are ridiculous. But hey, one step at a time… We’ve looked on line, the paper and craigs list…so yes we are doing that-but if anyone maybe knows of something opening in the next week or maybe even is a Landlord or property manager please contact me…much thanks!

So Praise God!!...The Lord is doing some amazing things… God bless you all and thanks for the prayers.

If anyone would like to help with finance plick see the paypal donate button in the upper right of this page. Thank you!!


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Upcoming Block Party Outreach July 29th

Upcoming Block Party Outreach
We will be reaching out to the community July 29th (Saturday) on Modrell Ave. in Elkhart (empty lot at the intersection of Modrell Ave. and Baldwin Ct.) Please feel invited if you live close by as there will be many areas to serve and be a blessing to the community.

The whole event is free. We will have a bounce house, live music, face painting, puppets, free hotdogs and grilled cheese, free clothing, and more. We will be witnessing, testifying, offering prayer and preaching the Gospel. It’s going to be a great time!

This evangelistic event will cost in the neighborhood of $500.00 or more. If anyone feels lead to help us with the cost please contact me. We so appreciate your prayers. Last year we had over two hundred neighborhood folk show up and we expecting even more this year. If you have any questions please contact me, and thank you for praying.

Steve Ignowski
180 Outreach Ministries
180 Outreach Ministries
23060 Scottswood Ct.
Elkhart, IN 46514

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I appreciate your prayers for a few upcoming outreach events- besides our weekly county jail and juvenile facility meetings we will be ministering in these areas listed below. Thanks for your prayers.

This Saturday June 24th we will be heading into Westville Correctional Facility with a group to minister the Gospel. This is the R-Dorm annual hotdog event as the facility allows us to come in with the hotdog cart to grill up and serve all the six hundred men in R-Dorm. It’s going to be a great time. The band PS150 will be ministering in music-we will be preaching and testifying, as we share the Gospel. It’s going to be a great time!

Saturday July 1st we will be heading into Chicago to minister on the streets. This has been on my heart for a while to head into the windy city as it’s only about a hundred miles from Elkhart. So were doing it. No real plan here other than go with God and see where he leads us and who He has cross our path to share the Gospel with….excited!

Saturday July 29th will be the Modrell Street Outreach this will be our third year sharing the gospel with the community off of Modrell Street in Elkhart. This will be a large outreach with a bounce house, grilled food, face painting, live music, puppets etc.  *Anyone who live close by is welcome to help out. We have lots of areas to serve and be a blessing. The time of this outreach will be from 11am-2pm. If interested please contact me.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Elkhart Rhapsody Festival -June 9,10,11 2017

Evangelism Booth 
We had an incredible weekend at the Rhapsody Festival in Elkhart, IN with our evangelism booth! A big shout to all who attended this event to help minister and evangelize.

This was our first time ministering at the Rhapsody and it was literally non-stop. The estimated count of folk who attend the Island park event was 40,000 people- so there were many people to talk to. We were there all three days and nights and it was awesome to be shining the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to everyone we could.

 We passed out hundreds of tracts, we prayed for tons of folk, we shared testimonies, we quoted the word and even preached a little bit. Ha!. It was awesome! We seen several come to the Lord in repentance! The booth displays were awesome and were a useful tool to help share the Gospel. We so appreciate all who gave finances to help fund this event. Thank you and God bless you!! Also a shout out to all those prayed for us. Hey, were also excited for next year, we already made arrangements to get a more front lines location for next year, which will give us a greater impact. So praise God for that! Thanks again everyone!  Please check out all the pics below. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Display Pieces for Rhaspady In Green

Hi everyone,

Here is a picture of the display unit that I just finished up. This will be a tool that we will use to start conversations at the Rhapsody Festival (June 9-11). We also have Gospel tracts that will go along with this.
The plan is to strike up conversations with folk in regards to God and naming three things that He cannot do. This will of course get the conversation going to share the Gospel, offer prayer and sow Gospel seed.
 So far including Bibles, tracts, display pieces, signs, banners, plus many free give aways we are at $700. We are so thankful for all who have given towards this mission.

We are not quite half way there to our goal. Please pray and consider sowing a gift toward this soul winning effort. Any little helps. thank you!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Rhapsody In Green -Evangelism Booth Video Update

180 Outreach will be at the Rhapsody In Green event this year at Elkhart’s Island Park.

We will have a booth for all three days of the event which starts on Friday June 9th and runs through Sunday June 11th. We will be meeting the community, handing out tracts, offering prayer, we will have give away's for the kids, displays to spark spiritual conversations and of course we will be witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rhapsody In Green is Elkhart's largest annual festival with music, food, crafts etc. Thousands attend this event and this is just another opportunity to shine Christ in our community. We plan on having lots of give away's from free water, bracelets, crosses, children's tracts, etc. The big give away will be three brand new Bibles that we will be raffling off.

The estimated cost of this event is $500.00. Please pray about supporting this, any amount would be a blessing and certainly help. Most of all, please pray that the Lord Jesus be magnified and lives be changed. Thank you!

 Steve Ignowski

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